About us

  • About us

    suuupply is an online concept store that offers a discerning curation of the finest pieces from the men's wardrobe.

    Our vision of fashion goes against its modern sense: we work to democratize the overlooked craftsmanship of brands and textile manufacturers who produce the best in their field - always at a fair price.

    Thus, we will never offer an extensive catalog of seasonally manufactured and often unnecessarily logoed clothing, but only the best in each category.

    The suuupply silhouette is minimalist and effortless. We focus solely on the quality of fabrics used, the cuts, and the drape of our products, nothing else.

    Our uncompromising selection of menswear pieces ensures purchasing a well-made product, demanding in its manufacturing and in the materials used, that will endure through seasons and trends.

    If you believe a product is missing from our selection, want to discuss a common project, or simply send us (good) memes - Contact our Paris-based team at:  hello@suuupply.com